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Lover Mastery - From Pickup Girls To Give Them Incredible Sex

Lover Mastery - From Pickup Girls To Give Them Incredible Sex pdf ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Twitter. You’ll never find me whining about extra blowjob time. I’m on Fetlife for plenty of non-sexual reasons, but I’m there for the sex, too. That’s right—I date. I even ****. When I meet a man with crow’s feet who reads and laughs a lot, damned right I’m hoping there’ll be sex at the end of it. I removed all my sexy pics from the Fetisphere this week anyway. No more side boob. No more ass. No more domly dirty looks (I hope). This is the latest move in my war against squick-worthy comments about strangers’ wanking stories and arbitrary hook-up requests. So to the guy who can’t tell the difference between wanting sex and objectification, I don’t want you to cut your sexuality off at the root. Women like sex as much as men do, probably more given our orgasmic talents. We still want to be treated with respect. Let me try a metaphor. I’m a coffee snob. I actually read the labels before I buy, and I really can tell if you burned it. Would I say I was a connoisseur if I saw all coffee as just coffee? Not really. I want to know whether my blend is from Ethiopia, because damn, they make fantastic espresso. I want to know if it’s acidic or chocolaty. I want to choose cappuccino or espresso. In short, I appreciate every cup for its uniqueness, its aroma, and how well it’s brewed. And that’s how I want to be treated sexually. I don’t want to be seen as “just any old coffee” or any old ****able object. First “read the label.” Choose me based on the way I break all my crockery and can’t sew a hem. Choose me because I love watching horror movies in a storm, and not simply because I’m a series of holes. I love being objectified… when I consent to it, which only happens if you respect me. Treating me as an object before taking as much as a minute to get to know my boundaries and character proves that you don’t respect me. It also proves that you don’t give a **** who I am as long as I have a vagina, and that’s precisely how underwhelming sex happens. Before I drink my coffee, I make sure it’s not too hot. First I feel the cup for its temperature and then I take a tiny sip. You will be burned if you don’t take me in increments, too. Don’t jump onto sexual terrain before getting to know me. Before you engage on a sexual level, figure out if your advances are welcome (just as I would do for you). Initially, consent happens in unspoken, barely discernible micro-steps. That doesn’t make it any less important than the consent that happens after the lingerie has hit the floor.

Lover Mastery - From Pickup Girls To Give Them Incredible Sex


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