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Ultimate Financial Abundance – Make The Law of Attraction Work Program Download

Ultimate Financial Abundance – Make The Law of Attraction Work program download. 5 Ways to manifest abundance: Realise your true concept of abundance and avoid self conflict -This is probably one of the most important points. Whatever you manifest abundance it should always be in line with your heart’s desire. It’s no good trying to manifest a promotion at work if what you really want is to be doing something different in life all together. The universe listens to your heart not your head – this is very prevalent as you are on the path of enlightenment and ascension. Fully accept, embrace and acknowledge your abundant nature – and own it! Open your heart fully to your abundant nature, open your arms physically, breath deep and imagine all the universe energy, all the positive earth energy, the sun and the nature energy pouring into your heart like a glowing light, imagine the feeling filling you up with a warm glow of positive light. Have a clear vision of your aspiration. Remember the universe hears all your thoughts, so having unclear or mixed messages will not bode well for you. Therefore changing your mind and not having conviction in your thoughts will only reflect back into your manifestations. Spend some time with your positive affirmations frequently.Take time out in a quiet place to picture yourself living in your accomplished goals as if it is now. When it comes to financial issues imagine, no stress, feeling grateful, and being able to afford all the things that your desire. *Remember this is not about greed, or consumerism, this is about being able to live a spiritually abundant life in a system that requires money at this particular moment in time.Your emotions are especially important as they are the voice that shouts loudest at the universe to tell it what you want to manifest. Anger, fear or greed for example are negative emotions, we do not want those flying about our daily lives. Remove your personal obstacles. Many of us fall short at this step of spiritual attraction. When you are healthy spiritually, emotionally and mentally you can put intention into anything you want, the desired outcome comes quickly and with little trouble. If you have persistently put intention into the lifestyle and wealth you want to achieve and the results have not been forthcoming, then it may be that you are blocking your desire from manifesting. 

Ultimate Financial Abundance

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